New Year, New You Bundle New Year, New You Bundle New Year, New You Bundle New Year, New You Bundle

New Year, New You Bundle


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A Comprehensive Introductory Bundle

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In this bundle you'll receive 1 Freeze-Dried Miracle Berry Can + 1 Pack of Tablets + 1 Cookbook dedicated to flavor tripping! 

The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook written by Michelin-starred chef Homaro Cantu is the product of years of experimentation with fruits, vegetables, and meats to revolutionize the dining experience. As well as creating highly nutritious meals that can restore chemotherapy patients' appetites.

Inside this cookbook you'll discover secrets to enhance your old French Toast recipes, enjoy Pulled Pork Sandwiches like never before, introduce foreign cuisines into your kitchen, or prepare a Chocolate Guinness Cake for when you debut on Chopped!

Bring Cantu into your kitchen to ignite a lifetime of food exploration! It's also a great gift for those attempting a healthier diet in the new year but don't want to give sacrifice enjoyment!

Includes 25 individually wrapped Freeze Dried Miracle Berries.
Includes one pack of Miracle Berry Tablets.

Includes one "The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook".

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With help from miracle berry we are able to recreate every sweet guilty pleasure imaginable.