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mberry Freeze Dried Berries


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​Inside a tiny red berry hailing from Africa lives an untapped magic most of us have never heard of. Miracle berry or Mberry takes normally sour foods and makes them taste sweet. Mberry changes the shapes of your taste buds, confusing them as to what is sweet and what is sour.  


​When you eat Mberry you are experiencing the same natural wonder first found by West African tribes. They used the magic of Mberry to give a full, delicious flavor to their otherwise bland and bitter foods. 


​To enjoy the most magic while using Mberry, simply suck on the berry until it softens then chew on the bit of flesh. Be careful to not bite the seeds in the berry or your experience will be much less miraculous. After eating the berry and having a friendly spitting contest with the seeds, try the sourest foods in your kitchen. Suddenly lemons become lemonade, limes are fantastic limeade, and grapefruit tastes like candy. Find your own ways to confuse your taste buds! 

Contains 25 individually wrapped Freeze Dried Miracle Berries.

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With help from miracle berry we are able to recreate every sweet guilty pleasure imaginable.